Market Leading U Values Of 0.51 W/m2K Confirmed for The Residence Door Collection by Apeer

U values for the new Residence Door Collection by Apeer have now been confirmed following formal testing, with the results showing that solid doors in the twenty-model range perform considerably better than the much-lauded Passive House Institute standard, at 0.51 W/m2K (Passivhaus standard is 0.89 W/m2K and better). The figure confirms that The Residence Door Collection by Apeer, including doors with glass cassettes, will also comfortably outperform the anticipated, speculative requirements of the widely discussed Future Homes standard for new build homes.

The results of the formal testing place The Residence Door Collection by Apeer in the highest tier of thermal performing residential doors currently available for the UK home improvement sector. Determined by a commitment to produce a residential door range to complement the renowned Residence Collection windows, each door will be presented in a ground-breaking 120mm front-to-back format.

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Traditional, contemporary and stable door designs are included in the range, with 78mm quadruple sealed glass units as standard where relevant. Construction utilises GPR skins around a high-density PU core, reinforced with aluminium anti-cut through security mesh embedded within the core of each door. Performance is further enhanced by weather deflectors, and Stormguard or full frame thresholds. Every door, including skins and glass units, will be manufactured by Apeer at its 120,000 feet2 Ballymena factory.

Aimed squarely at the premium sector, the range at launch comprises nine standard colours (seven grained and two smooth), with the availability of full sidelights and top lights now, with half lights and others to follow. High quality hardware and furniture will reflect the high-quality construction of the doors, whilst extra touches such as Ultion KeyTag-equipped, ‘Apple Find My’ trackable keys also completing a comprehensive standard specification.

The Residence Door Collection by Apeer is the result of a collaboration aimed at producing a range of residential doors that complement the market leading Residence Collection windows, but which will be widely available on the open market through Apeer.

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