Jade Punch Tools Speed Up Fabrication of Guardian Warm Roof

Jade Engineering has worked closely with the manufacturers of Guardian Warm Roof, to develop a version of its ‘Swiss army knife’ punch tool that dramatically reduces fabrication time for its popular solid roof system.

The Guardian Warm Roof engineers recognised that they needed to provide a more efficient and accurate solution for its fabricators to replace the template and power tool system of drilling the various fixing holes for the main aluminium sections of its solid conservatory roof replacement. After an earlier company designed a solution that was deemed to be expensive and unworkable, the firm contacted Jade Engineering and threw down the challenge to provide an answer.

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Jade’s response was to engineer a multi-tool head that may be adjusted quickly and simply to switch between the various aluminium profiles used in the Guardian Warm Roof, mounted on a single punch tool pump unit. Thus, a single Jade unit not only replaces the cumbersome hand-prepping, but provides a single, compact punch station when other systems would require multiple units to complete the prepping requirements of the various profiles within the system. Factory space for the punch process is therefore minimised, offering further economies.

Tim Douglas, Technical Manager for Guardian Building Systems, the company behind the Guardian Warm Roof, says that Jade Engineering has produced an ideal solution for its fabricators: “The Jade multi-tool carries out the punching for all of the profiles in our system, using a single station. This in itself saves a significant outlay, with tool changes carried out quickly and simply. The process significantly improves upon the hand-marking and drilling that our fabricators used previously, improving speed of course, but also accuracy. Errors have been eradicated.”

Tim also praised Jade Engineering’s immediate grasp of Guardian Building Systems’ requirements: “Jade’s engineers understand the requirements of roof structure profile fabrication and quickly offered an ideal solution that is now working extremely well for our fabricators. The tooling and punch stations are also superbly engineered.”


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