Invest in The New Apeer Rose Gold Standard from Apeer

The new Rose Gold Collection from Apeer curates the very best door designs with exquisite glass, door furniture and hardware to produce one of the most vibrant and distinctive combinations ever to be offered on composite entrance doors in the British and Irish home improvement markets. And as homeowners’ tastes become ever more individual, this collection provides a cutting edge for installers looking to separate their offer from the competition.

Brisant’s exciting new Sweet door furniture combines beautifully with Apeer’s pink door shades to offer a thoroughly on-trend combination, whilst creams and pastel colours allow an even bolder choice to bring out the rich hues of the furniture and exciting designs of cassettes and sidelights produced by Apeer’s glass studio.

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Sweet hardware has been widely applauded for bringing an exciting new edge to both the performance of its furniture range – for example it has been tested to withstand over 30 times the limit required for the official EN 1906:2012 corrosion standard – with great attention given to aesthetics that offer homeowners the ability to bring individuality to the designs of their entrance doors.  When mated to Apeer’s portfolio of composite doors, including the Traditional, Contemporary and Modo ranges, and especially the company’s ultra-modern, smoothed skinned aluminium alternative, Silka, and in a limitless choice of colours and glass options, personal expression knows no limits. Door furniture includes lever handle, escutcheon and letter plate options in Rose Gold, Gold, Chrome and Black.

“The Apeer Rose Gold Collection is the perfect embodiment of our assertion that composite residential doors may be bought as much a part of the styling of a home, as for function,” says Apeer’s Asa McGillian. “And that homeowners may easily tie in the styling of their entrance door with home decoration, as much as being a part of larger, more radical – and therefore less frequent – home improvement projects.”

Function and performance remain paramount however, with all Apeer doors now benefiting from a strengthened aluminium mesh in their core, combined with class-leading thermal performance and the highest specification security hardware. A further option is Brisant’s impressive Ultion Smart lock for ‘next generation’ security and access technology.