Insight Data emails three times more likely to be read than other email campaigns

Recent research from leading data specialists, Insight Data, reveals that the organisation’s targeted email campaigns generate three times more engagement than the average email1.

“It has been predicted that email marketing will die out within the coming years, making way for instant messaging platforms, social media channels, and other new technologies,” comments Operations Manager at Insight Data, Alex Tremlett.

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“But this hasn’t been the case.”

According to experts at Insight Data, while there’s no guarantee that everyone will have a social media presence, there is a higher chance people will have an email address as Alex explains.

“In today’s world, not having an email address can create several issues, particularly for business owners. Ultimately, email is an incredibly powerful tool, and this is why it’s still the business tool of choice.

“Every CEO, business leader, influencer, and sales and marketing department will have an email address, and they’ll no doubt be checking them regularly on their mobile phone.”

Considered to be an incredibly effective marketing technique, Alex warns that email marketing is only as powerful as the people behind it.

“To get the best results a company must use the best email marketing software, have access to the most reliable and relevant data lists and create an engaging design,” he explains.

“This is the winning combination which is sure to cut through and grab the attention of prospects.”

To simplify email marketing for companies operating within the fenestration sector, Insight Data has developed STEM, a world-class email software that uses real-time data to ensure email campaigns get the best results.

With access to over 14,000 companies operating in the window, door and conservatory industry the Insight Data team can help a company to pinpoint its ideal prospects.

“We’re dedicated to making sure that companies don’t waste time and resources by marketing to the wrong audience. So, we’ve worked tirelessly to collect details of fabricators and installers across the UK and as a result, have over 17,000 email addresses on our fenestration database.

“This means our STEM users can instantly build, design and send email campaigns to their ideal prospects. Plus, with access to the most up-to-date market intelligence, their chances of success will be dramatically improved.

“It’s time to unleash the full power that email marketing campaigns have.”

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