Industry challenges to be tackled head-on at Glazing Summit

Despite many companies seeing record sales months and record demand, the industry is bursting at the seams, with one crisis following the next.

As a result, there will be plenty to discuss at this year’s Glazing Summit, which take place on Thursday, October 21 at Edgbaston Stadium and Conference Centre.

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The popular yearly event will feature a mix of debates and discussions on the biggest issues facing the industry from an array of business leaders and experts from the sector, as well as keynote speakers, and how to build for the future.

From facing the impact of lockdown, businesses griding to a halt, and the floodgates opening to an under-prepared industry, to the short-lived Green Homes Grant scheme, a creaking supply chain, and shortages of both materials and labour, the challenges have been unparalleled.

Andrew Scott, Glazing Summit founder and CEO of organisers Insight Data and Purplex Marketing, said: “This has been one of the toughest years in living memory; on the one hand demand has gone through the roof, but that has caused problems of its own across the whole supply chain.

“There are more challenges on the horizon too. The forthcoming revisions to the Building Regs could be a disaster for the aluminium industry, while companies will need to look at how they can ensure current volumes are sustainable in the short and medium term.

“In many ways the industry is in crisis, so there is a huge amount to discuss. It’s why this year’s Glazing Summit takes on an even more significant role this year and is a must attend event.”

A high demand for tickets in the last month indicates that there is a desire from industry leaders to come together and discuss the burning issues.

Attendees can get in touch with organisers now to suggest a topic they think should be on the agenda to discuss by emailing, and they will also be able to put questions to panellists throughout the day using the interactive Q&A and polling platform Slido.

“We want everyone to be part of the discussions this year, so let us know what you’d like to talk about,” added Andrew.

“The Glazing Summit provides a vital space to discuss the challenges the industry is facing and help shape its future. It’s why it is an essential fixture in the fenestration calendar; these conversations need to be had.”

For tickets visit, call 01934 808293 or email