Ever popular for their industrial nature, steel windows and doors have quickly become part of home interior styles as internal partitions, shower screens, replacements for exterior walls among others. Although mostly recognised for their solid black frames, steel windows, doors and their fixtures are available in a whole host of colours to complement any residential scheme.

Homeowners can incorporate brass, bronze or copper steel windows or doors to tie an industrial look together enabling new frames to match industrial accessories such as copper light fittings or brass framed glass tables. Alternatively, if the homeowner is looking to bring luxury materials into to the mix, they can opt for pewter. This colour is perfect for matching steel windows or doors with the current trend for Scandinavian style. Pewter steel windows or doors work well with “cosy” items, such as light grey sofas, fluffy cushions and blankets in muted tones.

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Homeowners can also opt for handles in a variety of metallic shades, including bronze, brass, copper, chrome, pewter and gun metal. The industrial colours are able to bring current trends into contemporary and historic homes.

Additionally, if metallic tones aren’t the right style to complement a home’s interior style, there are 15 powder coated colours which offer a different feel. In shades of cream, ivory, green or grey, there is a colour to suit every home. Choosing cream or ivory shades is a great way to allow steel windows and doors to blend in with a muted interior scheme, such as soft aqua or terracotta colours, while deep greens and powerful greys provide the bold striking style of traditional steel windows with added personality.

So, when it comes to choosing steel windows and doors, homeowners don’t have to stick with black. Steel Window Association members offer a multitude of colour options available to suit every home and interior scheme.

Members of the Steel Window Association offer a UK-wide service for the repair and replacement of various types of old metal windows, doors and screens, as well as being able to manufacture new fenestration which fully meets the requirements of the building regulations. Choosing an SWA member to manufacture and install your steel windows and doors ensures that you are receiving the highest standard of fabrication, installation and customer service.

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