Ingenious tremco illbruck installation products are being used in one of Britain’s most unusually positioned hotels – the Hilton Garden Inn, located trackside at Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit!

The 197-room hotel includes a rooftop terrace, and direct access to The Silverstone Wing Conference Centre, which is bound to make it a hit with petrolheads around the world when it opens in 2020.

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Illbruck’s experts didn’t just supply products to the ongoing project – they offered advice on fire safety, too.

Specifiers had originally selected window sealant products that Illbruck knew wouldn’t meet stringent fire safety standards, and so the team used their extensive knowledge to suggest an alternative.

The regulations the project was working to required products that could meet Class B (s3, d0) – and so illbruck recommended their high-performance ME012 as the perfect alternative.

ME012 is a polyester-based window perimeter sealing membrane. Its breathable air and weather seal also offers exceptional UV stability for all-round outstanding performance.

Both the project’s main contractor and installer examined the product in detail, before immediately approving it for use and placing an order there and then.

Illbruck Product Manager David Naylor comments: “We were over the moon to work on a project as exciting and high-profile as this.

“It’s not everyday someone builds a luxury hotel on the most famous race-track in the world – it’s like being able to watch the World Cup final at Wembley out of your hotel room window!

“We were delighted that our mix of unmatched expertise and an extensive product range were able to deliver fantastic results for the client. We can’t wait to come back and see the hotel when it’s open!”

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