Fire safety is often overlooked as, luckily, fires don’t happen all the time. Companies who don’t have the right precautions in place are more likely to lose stock, property and even their business. In the worst circumstances, lives can be lost.

There are regulations in place to minimise the risk, and spread of fire. Here are some aspects it covers:

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Clear corridors– It is important that nothing is obstructing the path. This is to make sure people can evacuate easily, and will also improve access for firefighters.

Fire exits– It needs to be clearly signed which doors are fire exits. This is to avoid confusion and allow for an easy escape.

Evacuation plans– All businesses need an up to date emergency evacuation plan. It needs to contain instructions on what people should do in the event of an emergency.

Emergency doors– Any exits that are for the purpose of escape must open effortlessly. They should never be blocked or locked.

Fire equipment– Extinguishers should be in plain sight and accessible.

Maintain compartmentation– Fire doors should never be wedged open, and should be checked regularly. The building also needs to be kept in a fire safe condition, e.g. holes or gaps in walls or voids need to be filled. Fire resistant materials must always been used.

There is always the possibility of a fire. But the risk can be reduced if you comply with fire regulations and the correct preventative measures are in place.