Glazing Industry Webinar Video Now Available

The ‘Marketing in Uncertain Times’ webinar presented by Andrew Scott, founder of Purplex Marketing and Insight Data, has now been published online for the industry.

300 business owners, directors and marketing professionals registered for the live webinar, which was followed by a short Questions and Answers session.

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Andrew commented;

“The pandemic has thrown the world into disarray and many business leaders have been left with conflicting thoughts; on one hand doing the right thing to protect employees, customers and the community while on the other hand the need to have a viable business going forward to serve customers and provide a livelihood for those same employees.”

“The Webinar provides the industry with some guidance; both during the lock-down and presenting a strategy for the ‘recovery’ period as we get back to work.”

“Our top priority right now is for our family and communities to be safe and well, but in a few weeks, we will be back to work and the industry will face some very tough challenges for the foreseeable future. The webinar provides some of the key strategies companies should adopt in order to rebuild and move forward.”

The webinar encourages business leaders to use this time during lock-down to review their business and assess marketing plans and strategy.

View the full webinar

Over the last 30 years, Andrew Scott has worked with and advised hundreds of companies in the building products and home improvement industries, during both good times and bad times, from small local installers to international manufacturers. He has also acquired, built and sold several companies in the industry.

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