Glass Roof by Ultraframe Reaches 25-year Milestone

It was the year that English football fans prayed that football really was coming home and The Simpsons was shown in the UK for the first time. But there was one other huge milestone that also took place in 1996 when Ultraframe’s Glass Roof system became the first conservatory roof to ever attain BBA Accreditation, and the company still proudly holds the accreditation some 25 years later.

Commenting about the milestone, Ultraframe Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt, said: “Ultraframe was the first conservatory roofing company to pass Europe’s most stringent testing regime and achieve BBA Certification and we are extremely proud of this milestone, and the fact that we still hold the accreditation 25 years later. The Certificate indicates that an Ultraframe Glass Roof will have a lifespan of at least 25 years, although we know of many of our Glass Roofs from the early days that have far exceeded this milestone! When Ultraframe first achieved the BBA accreditation, this provided the platform for the UK retail conservatory market to grow to where it is today, and we are also very proud of our part in this.”

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The BBA Agrément Certificate is a mark of excellence based on rigorous national and European standards that validate a construction product’s quality, technical capabilities and uniqueness. When Ultraframe was the first conservatory systems company to achieve this elite accreditation back in 1996, it was testament to the high level of innovation and desire for technical excellence that was, and still is, at the very heart of the company.

One member of the Ultraframe team who has been at the company as man and boy is Mark Hanson. Commenting about his memories of the Ultraframe Glass Roof achieving BBA Accreditation, Mark said: “It’s hard to believe that it’s 25 years since Ultraframe first gained BBA accreditation. I remember at the time the investment from Ultraframe, both in time and money, to gain the accreditation was huge, but we felt that it was a crucial step in the growth of Ultraframe, our Glass Roof, and indeed the conservatory sector as a whole.”

Key factors on which the Ultraframe Glass Roof was – and still is – assessed, in order to achieve and retain its BBA Accreditation are strength and stability,  weathertightness, ventilation and solar heat gain, thermal insulation, condensation risk, and durability.

Ultraframe was instrumental in working with the BBA to develop and define these testing parameters for conservatory roofs which its Classic Roof, and many other systems in the industry went on to be accredited against, although the Ultraframe Classic Roof is the only conservatory roof system that still holds the prestigious accreditation today.

Since it was first awarded BBA accreditation 25 years ago, the Ultraframe Glass Roof has been continually developed to ensure it has remained at the cutting edge of conservatory performance technology.

The most recent enhancements which saw it emerge as a ‘Modern Classic’ include a chambered box gutter, a newly enhanced structural design guide (eSDG), a new suite of bolstered eaves profiles, a 30% price reduction on the Classic Roof Aluminium exterior option, and a new slimline ridge.

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