After over 30 years of service, Steve Rice, Managing Director of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) will retire at the end of February 2020.

Starting at the GGF as a Technical Officer in the late 1980s, Steve went on to become Director of Glazing in 2010 and then Director of Technical Affairs in 2016, before being appointed Managing Director earlier this year.

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In his time at the GGF, Steve’s achievements include; the development and production of the GGF’s technical library, the expansion of the GGF’s specialist technical groups and helping the GGF attain its leading position in the international technical community.

On his decision to retire Steve commented, “It was always my intention to retire in 2019, but with the changes in the summer, I stayed on to help the GGF through its period of transition. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the GGF and when I see the GGF in the strong position it is in today, I know it has all been worthwhile. I would like to thank everyone connected to the Federation for helping me through my time at the GGF. It has been a wonderful journey.”


As part of the its succession planning, following Steve’s retirement at the end of February next year, the GGF is pleased to announce that GGF President John Agnew will leave his current position at Independent Glass to take up his new role as GGF Managing Director from 1st March 2020.

On the appointment of his successor, Steve commented, “I am delighted that John will succeed me as the GGF’s Managing Director. He has been in the industry for over three decades and his involvement with the GGF goes back to the mid-1980s when he was a regular contributor to the specialist groups. Since then he has reached and operated at the very highest level of the GGF. His background, skillset and knowledge of the industry are second to none and the GGF’s future couldn’t be in safer hands.”

Being a GGF Board member for over ten years including two years as Vice-President and two and half years as President, John has been pivotal in the changes the GGF has undertaken in the last 5 years including the move to the new GGF Offices in Southwark, increasing the GGF’s political voice, making the GGF more consumer facing and through to the recent restructure with the Federation’s renewed technical focus.

With his industry and GGF experience spanning many years and being a graduate in accountancy from University of Ulster as well as holding a masters’ degree in Corporate Leadership from Napier University in Edinburgh, John was well equipped take on the role of GGF President in 2017.

On his John’s appointment as Managing Director, GGF Vice-President Mark Austin said, “The GGF Board was unanimous in its decision to appoint John to lead the GGF into a new era. John has greatly contributed to the GGF for many years as Chairman of the Glazing Executive, as a Board member, Vice–President and more notably, in the last couple of years as President. With his considerable industry knowledge and formidable management skills, John is the ideal person to ensure the GGF seamlessly continues to deliver Members’ services and retains its position, as the leading trade body in the glass and glazing industry.”

On accepting his new role John commented, “I am looking forward to taking on the Managing Director’s role for the GGF. I fully appreciate the many challenges our industry faces and I am well aware of our Members’ expectations. With the support of the highly skilled and experienced GGF staff, I am confident we can continue to deliver the very best services for GGF Members.”