GGF & FENSA Glass Recycling Scheme Gets Even Bigger!

Following the launch of its pilot glass recycling scheme in March, the GGF and FENSA are pleased to announce an extension to the programme that will see companies in a significant area of the North of England and the Midlands, now able to take advantage of the resource.

“As with all of our recycling schemes, we spend a lot of time making sure they work as they should, and that we have the capacity to deliver, before rolling them out nationally,” explains Chris Beedel, head of Advocacy & Stakeholder Relations at the GGF. “We can enter the next phase of expanding the glass recycling scheme now because our partners CNC Recycling are adding an operational hub in the North West. This will mean availability down to Stoke, across to Halifax/Brighouse, North Wales, Cheshire, and areas of Cumbria. Added to our existing programme, this gives us the coverage across the North of England and the Midlands.

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“The scheme is operated by the GGF, BFRC and FENSA, in conjunction with our recycling partners CNC Recycling, and has been designed to be incredibly easy to use. The units for collection will need to be deglazed because they will be transported differently to the PVC-U frames, and there is a minimum collection criteria of 20 frames/IGUs, but collection will continue to be free of charge if this criteria is met.”

Chris continues: “Both installers and homeowners want the peace of mind that they can recycle old products responsibly, but it’s not always easy to find a trusted partner. We’re pleased to be able to offer a reliable solution to this increasingly prevalent issue, to even more installers and look forward to extending the scheme further again in the future.”

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