Get Interactive with hup!

A new interactive consumer brochure is the latest addition to the already extensive support package for the hup! building system from Ultraframe. The brochure allows readers to explore key aspects of the hup! system directly from the brochure via embedded videos, links to related information, and access to the hup! configurator. Available now, the interactive brochure is free of charge for hup! users.

Explaining more, Ultraframe Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt, said: “The interactive brochure is the latest addition to our extensive hup! support package and we think this will be a great tool for helping hup! users to sell hup!. It’s ideal to send to homeowners via email as part of a follow up or with a quote to let homeowners fully explore the system and understand the many advantages of choosing hup! vs bricks and mortar for their project.”

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hup! users can also embed the interactive brochure onto their website, and it has been designed to be fully optimised for use on any device, so homeowners can read it from a PC, tablet, or smart phone.

The hup! configurator which can be accessed via the interactive brochure allows homeowners to create their dream hup! by choosing extension style, roof type/style, glazing, external finish, and more.

Complementing the configurator which allows homeowners to dream, is a link to the hup! technical video which explains how the technology within hup! makes it five times faster to build and five times more energy efficient than the average UK home – meaning the brochure provides the perfect mix of the aspirational and the educational.

To see a demo of the hup! interactive brochure and request the link to use it, click here: