FENSA Maintains Support for Installers Throughout Covid-19 Lockdown

FENSA, the UK’s largest government-authorised competent person scheme for replacement windows and doors, says that it has prioritised supporting its installers throughout the COVID-19 lockdown period, following a significant shift from homeowner enquiries to requests for information from FENSA Approved Installers.

Chris Beedel, FENSA Director of Membership, said: “FENSA Approved Installers have experienced unprecedented disruption over the last two months so we’ve ensured that they continue to have access to the same high level of support we’ve always provided. FENSA has remained open throughout the COVID-19 lockdown period with our staff working from home to support our installers and their customers. All FENSA services remain fully operational and the FENSA team has been proactive in responding to enquiries whether received by phone, email or via social media.”

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Rachel Culpan, Customer Service Manager, explained that all helplines have been maintained: “At such a challenging time for businesses, a timely response for our installers and their customers is the least we can do and our team has more than risen to the task. We are all working from home so that brings its own challenges, but it hasn’t changed our availability to support FENSA Approved Installers.”

However, Rachel explained that the nature of the queries received through FENSA helplines has changed throughout the crisis: “Homeowners continue to contact us to order replacement FENSA certificates, but where we’ve really seen an increase in engagement is from our installers. Our technical helpline has been kept busy providing technical information around installations, assessments and the building regulations. Meanwhile we’ve been talking to our installers every day to assist them with the work they can do at this time, such as reassuring them they can still notify jobs and helping them through the FENSA Skills Card MTC process.

“We’ve also seen more FENSA Approved Installers logging on to the FENSA Installer Portal, the online hub for our installers. In addition to keeping installers up to date via email, we’ve been sharing the latest on COVID-19 support available for businesses on the portal, as well as important clarifications on Government guidance provided by the Glass and Glazing Federation. It’s also where our installers can access all the extra benefits they get as FENSA Approved Installers, and we hope they all take advantage of those as there are some great savings to be made.”

FENSA Approved Installers have access to a wide range of offers from FENSA’s affinity partners including TradePoint discounts, free FuelCards, tailored insurance from FENSA Business Insurance Services, and preferential rates on the Business Pilot CRM system.

As well as supporting their current installers, FENSA continues to sign new applicants thanks to the use of video conferencing facilities to assist with assessing their work and competences. FENSA intends to continue to make use of this technology as the industry gets back to work.

Chris Beedel added: “We have been very pleased that large numbers of FENSA Approved Installers are well aware of the services that are available to them, indicated by how many are helping themselves by accessing the information and services that are available, as and when they need them.”

For more information on FENSA, including details of how to join, please visit: www.fensa.org.uk

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