Independent Network has collaborated with two of the UK’s favourite magazines, for the benefit of member companies across the country.

A joined-up marketing campaign has been built across House Beautiful and Sainsbury’s Magazines, which have a combined average monthly circulation of 594,994, not to mention an impressive online following. The campaign has been designed to utilise a combination of online and offline elements to best effect. Full page press ads and an eye-catching insert are supported by social media posts, an incredible digital advent calendar that ran alongside the Sainsbury’s adverts, and interactive online adverts that link directly to the IN site.

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VEKA Group’s Marketing Director Dawn Stockell explains more: “For marketing to work most effectively, it must make best use of all appropriate channels and I think the current Independent Network campaign utilises a great mix of online and offline media.

“Carefully considered scheduling saw IN appear in three issues of Sainsbury’s magazine, including the bumper November issue, when average monthly circulation leaps from 139,442 to around 250,000. This was supported by an innovative digital advent calendar that encouraged high levels of web traffic and increased interaction with the brand.

“We targeted magazines whose readership demographic aligns with IN’s own customer base, to further build valuable brand awareness for the Network across the country.

“The adverts in Sainsbury’s and House Beautiful highlighted Independent Network’s unbroken chain of quality and the commitment to craftsmanship that all members share. They also featured the ten-year insurance-backed guarantee message alongside striking and aspirational Bi-Fold Door imagery.

“Bi-Folds were chosen for a number of reasons, not least because VEKA Group’s Imagine Bi-Fold Door has a host of winning features for fitters and homeowners alike and looks incredibly stylish on the page. Last year, in the UK, the term ‘BiFold Doors’ was searched online an average 40,358 times per month, so we also know these products remain extremely popular.

“The insert in House Beautiful will go out at the beginning of May (coinciding with the key home improvement period that comes with the two May bank holidays) and includes stunning, new, aspirational window and door photography that we are particularly excited to share. These images will also be made available to members via the marketing portal.

“Independent Network’s brand awareness was virtually doubled between 2017 and 2018 and we’re determined to carry on spreading the message even further. We want Independent Network and its membership to be the brand of choice when homeowners decide to improve their properties.

“According to John Lewis Finance last year, more than 60% of the nation has some sort of project in the planning – but haven’t yet carried it out. We want to make sure that the Independent Network brand is at the forefront of people’s minds, as soon as they decide to take the plunge with high quality home improvements.

“The ongoing campaign also coincides with the launch of Independent Network’s pioneering new website which has been completely redesigned with a wealth of new features. The site now includes an even clearer ‘Find Installer’ form, an informative Knowledge Area, a helpful ‘Visualiser’ price guide tool, a host of product information and much, much more.”

Ross Heaver from Heavers of Bridport thinks the marketing support available to members is a key reason to join Independent Network: “One of the things we’ve always liked about Independent Network is the national awareness that the brand is getting. So regardless of whether you’re big or small, you’re still getting that vital national coverage.”

Amy Ramshaw of Tyne and Wear-based NE&C Windows and Doors ltd was impressed with IN’s latest campaign; “We saw the ads during a visit to the Independent Network office before they went out to the public. It’s an excellent way to reach customers, especially at Christmas when many of us like to throw the Sainsbury’s magazine into our trolley during our Christmas food shop. As a member of IN, we appreciate the advertising the organisation does on behalf of members – securing space in major consumer titles that might not otherwise be attainable for independent, local companies like us.”