Eurocell’s Logik Flush Window System at Bellway Homes Cherry Hinton

  • A&B Glass successfully produced their first Logik Flush profile within a challenging time frame 
  • The Logik Flush window system was seamlessly installed at Bellway Homes new build site
  • A&B glass supplied and fitted the French double doors, utility doors and the front GRP door
  • Sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient the Logik Flush window system ticked all the boxes 


A&B Glass faced a significant milestone as they embarked on their first endeavour to fabricate the Logik Flush profile, a partnership with Eurocell that would unfold within a demanding six-week timeframe. The technical complexity of utilising this new profile heightened the intricacy of the fabrication process, necessitating a concerted effort and close collaboration to meet the stringent deadline. The project underscored A&B Glass’s adaptability and unwavering commitment to delivering excellence amidst formidable challenges.

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The successful introduction of the Logik Flush profile within the challenging six-week timeframe was a testament to the synergistic partnership between Eurocell and A&B Glass. Their collaborative approach played a crucial role in seamlessly implementing the Logik Flush system for the first time in this particular project.

Bellway Homes selected the Logik Flush system for its contemporary design and operational efficiency. Engineered with a patented knock-in bead system, the system facilitates swift fabrication and fitting, making it ideal for both new constructions and window replacements. With its 70mm front-to-back dimension, the Logik Flush system offers a seamless transition from timber frames, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the structures.


Eurocell’s invaluable support was instrumental in ensuring the timely completion of the project, resulting in a window system that not only met functional requirements but also elevated the overall visual appeal of the Cherry Hinton new builds. The Logik Flush system delivered on its promise, offering a sleek and flush exterior appearance while retaining the timeless charm of traditional casement windows internally.

Dave Miller, Business Development Manager at A&B Glass added:

“From my perspective, the Logik Flush system has truly delivered on its promise. The smart and contemporary finish it presents aligns perfectly with our expectations and contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the project. Additionally, the installation process was exceptionally smooth, thanks in large part to the significant support we received from Eurocell. Their collaboration ensured a seamless process, reflecting the success of the installation and highlighting the value of our partnership in delivering high-quality outcomes.”

Improvements in aesthetics and sustainability
The Logik Flush system offers a powerful combination of modern and contemporary aesthetics, coupled with exceptional air and noise insulation, robust security, and long-term durability. Its outstanding technical performance, featuring A++ rated energy efficiency, ensures optimal energy consumption and lower carbon levels. The built-in thermal efficiency of the Logik system, with advanced multi-chambered cross-sections, prevents heat loss and enhances thermal efficiency, meeting the highest energy efficiency ratings.

Martin Benn, Head of New Build at Eurocell commented:

“Eurocell’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the Logik Flush window system – The windows offer a genuinely sustainable option, not only reducing CO2 emissions but are also made from recycled materials. This profile features post-consumer recycled PVC-U in the central core too. Our recycling operations transform old plastic window and door frame waste into new PVC-U extrusions through our closed-loop recycling system, aligning with our dedication to providing sustainable solutions for construction projects.

“The Logik Flush window system stands out for Eurocell due to its guaranteed long-life performance, minimal maintenance requirements, and visual appeal. Logik’s durability and proven ability to perform well in challenging weather conditions make it an ideal choice for new build projects. Stylish aesthetics, strong thermal performance, and cost efficiencies compared to aluminium specifications further contribute to the Logik system’s appeal for clients.”

Eurocell reflections 

The project was a positive experience with no major issues, showing the success of team effort. A&B Glass showed a great willingness to handle challenges, highlighting the effectiveness of their processes even with a new and unique contract. This positive attitude and adaptability highlight the importance of working together to achieve success, especially in projects that are different from the usual ones.

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