Epwin Window Systems publishes guide to the changes to Part F

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Epwin Window Systems has just published a guide to the changes to Part F of Building Regulations, which come into effect on 15 June 2022. Gerald Allen, Head of Marketing at Epwin Window Systems, commented: “15 June will mark the biggest update to Building Regulations in England for a number of years. Rest assured, we’re here to help our customers get to grips with the new regulations so they can be confident in their compliance.”

Part F of Building Regulations sets the standards for the ventilation of new and existing buildings. It has been updated to ensure that sufficient levels of ventilation are still provided in light of changes to Part L, which covers conservation of fuel and power.

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As the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of award-winning PVC-U and aluminium window and door systems, Epwin Window Systems have a range of compliant trickle vents available via their Safeware hardware brand.

The new guide follows closely on from the guidance the systems company produced on the changes to Part L on the conservation of fuel and power. Both guides are available on to all its customers on the company’s Connect digital portal.

To further support customers, Epwin Window Systems’ Connect digital portal has a forum where fabricators and installers can find answers to frequently asked questions. They can also submit their own questions to Epwin Window Systems’ technical experts. Gerald commented: “These are big changes and we know our customers will want to get everything right. They can check their understanding and ask for more detail from our in-house experts, who will be happy to help give clarity.”

Epwin Window Systems retains its status at the forefront of the industry because it leads the way in award-winning products and intelligent support. It’s something that’s perfectly demonstrated in its proactive response to the upcoming changes to Building Regulations.

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