Epwin Window Systems further invests in sustainable manufacturing practices

Epwin Window Systems is renowned for its commitment to sustainability. This commitment is in clear evidence in its recent investments in using recycled material in its manufacturing processes.  

Phil Parry, Technical Director at Epwin Window Systems, commented: “Forecasts suggest that demand for PVC in Western Europe will increase at a rate higher than GDP between 2024 and 2028. This will put pressure on raw materials and we are taking the lead on being prepared for that shift. Our latest investments enable us to produce class-leading, sustainably manufactured systems efficiently while also building our capacity for future growth.”  

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The company has installed numerous Krauss Mafai co-extruders and multiple twin strand Greiner Red Line tools and downstreams. These investments have allowed the company to introduce additional co-extruded profiles that use post-consumer recycled PVC-U into its product offer. The material is all reprocessed in the UK from recycled window profiles with a demonstratable chain of custody, something that means Epwin Window Systems is already aligned with proposed future legislation. 

This year, the company will introduce multiple new Optima mainframe tools that will incorporate a recycled core that won’t be visible when manufactured. On average, each section will contain 45% recycled content. 

These latest investments build on a long track record of using recycled content. 

As part of its manufacturing process, Epwin Window Systems recycles waste bar length into RCM (recycled composite material). These RCMs are made up of 100% recycled PVC-U and provide the perfect blend of product performance and sustainability.  

These investments and innovations are all part of a wider programme of initiatives designed to put sustainability front and centre of all business practices. 

Phil concluded: “As an industry, we have a lot to celebrate when it comes to sustainability. Since 2000, through the VinylPlus® initiative, our industry has recycled 8.1 million tonnes of PVC. In the process, we’ve saved 6.2 million tonnes of CO2 and created over 1,600 direct jobs in recycling plants.  As our latest investments show, here at Epwin Window Systems we’re committed to continuing this progress, leading the way and doing everything we can to make sustainable business practices the new norm.” 

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