A home improvement boom has given installers an opportunity to grow faster than ever – and it shows no signs of letting up for the next couple of years.

One company that’s helping installers navigate through these exciting times and win more business is Eco-Logic Roofing Systems.

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The Cambridgeshire-based company’s revolutionary Warm Roof Pro, an all-timber thermal-efficient conservatory roof system, has been proving popular with installers.

The multi-pitched, conservatory roof system uses highly insulated SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels), making it much more thermally efficient, doesn’t need to be built in the factory first and is supplied in kit form.

With homeowners looking to add additional space to their home by turning old conservatories into functional spaces that can be used all year round, the Warm Roof Pro has enabled installers to meet that need, according to Eco-Logic Roofing Systems’ Sales Director Ian Cowling.

“The Warm Roof Pro really has been a real game-changer and in the last 12 months we have gone from making five roofs a week to 20 roofs a week, and that demand is rising,” said Ian.

“The Warm Roof Pro eliminates all the issues commonly associated with solid conservatory roof systems comprising of a structural aluminium skeleton covered with uPVC, including cold spots, and condensation which lead to poor thermal performance.

“It also drastically reduces fitting costs and time on site as it is quick and easy to install, causing less disruption for the homeowner. The flat pack also makes it so much easier to transport and handle.

Offering installation training, delivery to site, and on-site support for any manufacturing problems, Eco-Logic provide installers with everything they need.

“We know as a supply partner that our customers rely on us not just for our product but the support they need to go with it,” added Ian.

“The home improvement boom has provided a great opportunity for installers to really propel their business to greater heights, and the Warm Roof Pro has been designed to help them do just that.”

For more information on the Warm Pro Roof, call 01480 475957 or email ian@warmroofpro.co.uk