Insight Data, the industry’s leading provider of prospect data and market intelligence, has warned businesses about the importance of using an up-to-date data list for their campaigns.

With a growing number of businesses relying on one-off data lists and outdated spreadsheets, companies risk damaging their marketing campaigns by re-using the same data. The team at Insight Data argues that this will not only deliver poor results, it could land businesses in hot water with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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“Without question, one-off data lists are a thing of the past,” comments Jade Greenhow, Operations Director at Insight Data. “Not only is there a possibility of damaging your reputation, your campaigns will not be as effective as you contact businesses which have closed down, moved or changed owners. Worse of all, this is a major GDPR violation and could mean businesses having to pay hefty fines of 20 million euros or 4% of annual global turnover.”

Insight Data are the creators behind Salestracker, the powerful online prospect database, CRM system and integrated email marketing platform. Adopting Salestracker allows companies across the industry to unlock real-time business information and contact details for over 60,000 potential customers. This includes architects, housebuilders, local builders, main contractors and businesses in the glass and glazing industry. Furthermore, The Insight team will soon be launching their brand-new Builders Merchants database.

Jade adds: “Every data list has a life span – especially in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry. Our research team completes in excess of 1,200 changes to our data every month – changes which could quickly make any data list obsolete. To really maximise the results of campaigns and stay on the right side of GDPR, it’s imperative that businesses use a fresh data list every time.

“Salestracker has proven itself to be a transformative sales and marketing tool, helping businesses at every level build and send high-impact campaigns, and prospect effectively. Whether it’s in the office or on the road via a laptop or mobile device, users can access Salestracker and generate prospect data lists based on sector, specialism, size and region. Best of all, the information is updated live and in real-time to ensure the best possible results.”

For more information, contact Insight Data on 01934 808293 or via email at hello@insightdata.co.uk.