Delivering for today’s consumer

Phil Parry, Business Development Director at Epwin Window Systems, looks at why aluminium gives today’s consumers what they’re looking for and how the award-winning Stellar aluminium system takes the benefits to the next level.

It’s fair to say that growth across the domestic market is unprecedented as homeowners seek to upgrade their spaces and make them more suitable for the way we live now.

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Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen a shift in consumer’s buying preferences when it comes to replacing their windows and doors.  To understand what today’s homeowners are looking for, it’s worth looking at the latest research.

The first is the need for natural light. Two thirds of homeowners say it is very important to have lots of natural light in their home[1]. This is obviously the direct result of the various lockdowns which meant people spent more time in their homes than at any other time. We are also aware that an abundance of natural light into the home offers substantial benefits for our health and happiness so it’s not surprising that homeowners are seeking products that deliver this feature.

The second is that today’s homeowners are increasingly eco-conscious. Whether it’s the rising cost of energy bills or concern for the climate, creating a thermally efficient home is seen as vital. Half of UK homeowners consider themselves to be eco-conscious and 57% want to be more eco-friendly. For one in five homeowners, this means installing double glazing.[2]

When it comes to getting inspiration for their homes, a quarter of homeowners turn to TV design makeover shows and 16% browse online.

Taking all these stats together, it’s hardly surprising that sales for domestic aluminium products is a massive growth area as the products tick every box for homeowners. And when it comes to helping homeowners realise all the benefits that aluminium windows and doors deliver, the Stellar aluminium system delivers over and above.

Firstly, Stellar has the slim sightlines that maximise the natural light that homeowners prioritise. In fact, Stellar is at least 30% slimmer than the main competing systems. Comparing a window of the same overall size and layout, this translates to a glass area that’s about 12% larger. It also maximises the aesthetic benefits of aluminium that homeowners will have seen on television and online. It’s the only aluminium system on the market that offers a truly fully flush system, with flush aesthetics inside and out.

The Stellar system also takes the eco benefits of aluminium to the next level. It’s long-lasting with its lifespan of 30-40 years. It’s 100% recyclable too. But more than that, it uses 30% less aluminium than rival systems, so it uses fewer resources from the start.

These benefits are just a few of the many reasons that Stellar is fast securing a reputation for being a solution for the lucrative high-end projects that every installer craves, but is equally at home in all property types from modern to sensitive heritage transformations.

But Stellar isn’t just a system that holds consumer appeal, it a system that appeals to both fabricators and installers too. It has several patented features including the Reverse Butt Joint that means no dummy sashes or reverse adaptors are needed and pre-gasketing that saves time and reduces waste. It all adds up to a system that is 20% faster to fabricate than its rivals. It’s also quick to install, especially for those installers more familiar with fitting PVC-U product because it uses the same installation principles as PVC-U, including pre-gasketed knock in beads. Common feedback is that Stellar is easier and faster to fit than anything else on the market which is vitally important when time is literally money.

Stellar was designed to be the future of aluminium windows and doors. It’s already set a new benchmark in the retail aluminium sector and picked up several industry awards in the process. But here at Epwin Window Systems, we won’t stand still, which is why 2022 will see several new, equally fast-fitting, feature-rich products that will complement the Stellar range.

So, if you’re looking for ways to differentiate your offering and secure higher value projects, take a look at Stellar. In a market where many systems are ‘me too’ by design, Stellar’s unique, patented features mean it stands out from the crowd – and they can help you to do the same.

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