Dekko maintains 3-week lead time on luxury aluminium range despite market challenges

Despite the continued challenges facing the window industry supply chain, leading trade fabricator Dekko Window Systems has been helping its customers make the most of the unique and favourable trading conditions by maintaining an impressive three-week lead time on its Räum range of bi-folds and patio doors.

Colours available with this quick lead time include black, white, grey, and grey on white.

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The company recently opened a new 25,000 square foot factory dedicated to the production of Räum, which has significantly increased manufacturing capacity of the range.

That, combined with good partnerships with suppliers, increased stockholding, investment in people and machinery, additional factory shifts, as well as the hard work of a dedicated team behind the scenes, has seen the company keep its lead times to a minimum during one of the most unprecedented trading periods in history.

Sales Director Kurt Greatrex comments: “Between the challenges of the pandemic and the unexpected boost to the market as homeowners repurposed their holiday funds for home improvements, the past 18 months have created a unique period within the industry where it’s been difficult to plan from one week to the next.

“As a result, short lead times have become difficult to achieve as many continue to wade through a backlog of work brought on by lockdown combined with a high demand from homeowners spending money that was previously allocated for other uses.

“Many in the industry are still facing lead times of up to 12 weeks, but thanks to our new dedicated manufacturing facility as well as strategic alignment with our trusted suppliers, we’ve been able to keep lead times of our Räum bi-folds and patio doors down to just three weeks.

“But it’s not just Räum – we’ve been able to maintain quick turnaround times on all our products, including our range of Residence Collection windows, which can be delivered within just four weeks.

“Given the challenges we’ve seen throughout the supply chain, close collaboration with suppliers is more important than ever. Getting quality products delivered to our customers in a timely manner is paramount to us, and we will continue to do whatever is in our power to maintain quick turnaround times combined with excellent service.”

Räum is a luxury collection of aluminium windows and doors, designed to help installers target the higher end of the market.

The range’s bi-fold doors can reach 3m in height and U-values as low as 1.1, while the sliding doors can carry up to 400kg and reach a maximum height of 3m.

For more information contact Dekko on 0161 406 0055 or visit