It’s been an exciting year for Abloy, with the unveiling of its latest global vision – ‘Abloy For Trust’ – cementing the company as a pioneer in security and positioning the trusted brand for continued growth in future.

Kick-starting 2019, ‘Abloy For Trust’ was launched to reflect Abloy’s evolution to a modern digital brand and revitalise its core values. To promote this new agenda, Abloy wanted to partner with a prominent figure that personified their values to amplify the message.

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Valtteri Bottas, successful racing driver and renowned Finnish figure, was identified as the ideal spokesperson aligned with Abloy’s core beliefs and became a partner for the brand.

Valtteri Bottas is a Formula 1 icon and has added four wins to his belt this season, finishing second in the championship. Some of the qualities that Valtteri shares with Abloy are his trustworthiness, his technological pioneering and innovative approach, the fact he always delivers a first-class performance and puts teamwork at the heart of everything he does.

The pinnacle of the years’ partnership was a hotly anticipated visit by Valtteri to the Abloy UK stand at IFSEC International 2019, where he hosted an exciting Q&A to answer questions about his collaboration with the brand.

His warm and approachable demeanour on the stand was a big hit, with visitors flocking to the stand to get a glimpse of the star and have even have a selfie with him.

It’s clear to see Abloy has gone full throttle with ‘Abloy For Trust’ this year, combining over 110 years’ experience in providing the highest calibre of security products across the globe, with its innovative new vision comprising of four key pillars.

The first of these is Abloy’s role as a trusted advisor, priding itself on providing support and valuable advice throughout the specification process. This includes sector experts advising on bespoke solutions that improve security and efficiency, and educating customers on how to utilise the system to its full potential.

New appointments in 2019 enhanced Abloy’s industry-specific expertise and role as a trusted advisor, with the addition of dedicated Market Development Managers boasting in-depth knowledge and experience in critical national infrastructure sectors such as telecoms and transport.

The second pillar is Abloy leading the way with innovation, a pioneer in locking, access control, door solutions and related services, offering solutions that are secure and easy to use. Electromechanical systems, such as CLIQ®, utilise the renowned physical quality of Abloy hardware with the latest innovations that connectivity can provide, including audit trails and programmable access rights.

Operating in over 90 countries, Abloy also strives to be a first-class service provider, to satisfy customers who demand the highest level of convenience and reliability when it comes to security.

Finally, Abloy has built a strong community of true professionals who are proud of their achievements, consistently setting the bar high and aiming even higher. The community goes from strength to strength, leading the way in ensuring products are fit for purpose and can meet demands of safety and security.

The Abloy brand has seen huge global success in recent years too. Parent company Abloy OY was named the most valued brand in Finland by the country’s leading marketing publication, Markkinointi & Mainonta, and Abloy USA were awarded a prestigious Platinum GOVIE award for PROTEC2 CLIQ®, recognising outstanding government security products.

But Abloy will not rest on its laurels, and continues to push forward with its growing success to change the face of security.  Education is key – not only to educate how to install and use products effectively but on critical issues such as fire door safety and compliance.

The Academy has provided end-users and installers the importance of compliance for over 10 years by developing knowledge and skills, as security solutions can only be realised by the abilities of the people who specify and install them.

To conclude, it’s been an amazing year for Abloy with an updated vision on the future of security and access control solutions. The revitalised values still hold the essence of Abloy’s heritage and quality that customers come to expect and trust.

For further information on products and services available for Abloy UK, visit, or call 01902 364 500.