Creating a Flush Finish with Kawneer’s Enhanced Curtain Wall Systems

With ever-increasing market demands for more robust and flexible façade systems, Kawneer, the leading manufacturer of architectural aluminium glazing systems has launched a new version of its successful AA®100 and AA®110 curtain wall products. In addition to a +/- 5mm building expansion joint for its SSG curtain wall variant and a higher weight capacity for its capped option, one of the key enhancements is a concealed vent option within the product to help produce a beautiful, finished aesthetic to a building’s façade.

Designed specifically for the AA®100 and AA®110 systems in either capped or SSG variants, the concealed vent option utilises a structurally bonded glazed unit and slim aluminium profiles, allowing Kawneer curtain wall systems to be installed with no visible external framing.

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Contemporary building façade design also requires larger glass panes, with unobstructed views and increased natural light. The new enhancements result in the AA®110 being able to accommodate glazing up to a 50mm depth in the capped system and withstand a maximum weight capacity of 180kg. Available as a top hung vent or a parallel opening window, both types can be manually operated or motorised, using neatly concealed chain drives and integrated locking drives to achieve a seamless internal finish.     

The AA®110 concealed vent has undergone full CWCT Sequence B testing as part of a larger curtain wall assembly, with proven weather performance. Furthermore, the window has been RC2 security tested to EN 1627, which is the same classification as the existing AA®100 and AA®110 curtain wall systems.  

As with the AA®100 system, the AA®110 offers a range of construction methods, including zone-drainage and mullion-drainage. Also, advanced thermal break technologies provide superior thermal performance that meet and exceed building regulations.

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