Cranking Customer Service up to Exceptional with AdminBase

Jack Brunsdon & Son, manufacturer of handcrafted wooden windows and doors, has been delivering high quality products since the 1940’s, but attributes much of its success and longevity to exceptional customer service, which AdminBase has helped it achieve.

“Jack Brunsdon & Son has always placed a firm focus on quality and accuracy in the products we make and the service we provide,” explains Charlotte Whelan, Managing Director. “To achieve that, we use the very best materials, machinery, and workmanship, but as customer service has risen in importance, software has also become an integral part of delivering high standards.

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“We started using the AdminBase system from Ab Initio 20 years ago to ensure our service levels and our communication with customers was exceptional. As any manufacturing and installation business will know, the day to day working environment is busy, which can make it hard to keep track of all the incoming and outgoing information in the business. But thanks to AdminBase, our small team can easily access every customer record at any time. This means if a customer calls for an update on their order, anyone can answer that call and get to the information they need quickly and efficiently. It’s invaluable having all notes and documents pertaining to each customer safely stored in one place, as well as all the relevant financial information for each order.

“In an increasingly competitive and challenging marketplace, window and door suppliers must not only offer the very best products, but the very best service too. AdminBase has helped us to achieve this for the last 20 years and as it continuously improves its offering with helpful amendments, we look forward to further expanding our use of the system soon.”