Carl F Groupco celebrates the value of its relationship with Roto

Independent hardware company Carl F Groupco is celebrating the strength of its relationship with Roto, the leading global manufacturer of window and door hardware. John Crittenden, Managing Director of Carl F Groupco, says: “We’ve partnered with Roto for many years and we’re one of the UK’s largest stockists of their hardware. The strength of our partnership delivers many benefits for our businesses and – more importantly – our customers’ businesses.”

Carl F Groupco stocks a comprehensive range of Roto hardware which covers locks, hinges, espagnolette hinges, sliding door hardware, tilt & slide door hardware and reversible gearing. John highlights the value across the board. “We stock Roto hardware because of the level of quality and innovation on offer. Many of our customers swear by Roto products because of the functionality they offer.”

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However, it’s the strength of the relationship between the two companies where the value really starts to show.

Firstly, it gives Carl F Groupco the opportunity to collaborate on product development, helping to give UK fabricators and installers the hardware features they need. For example, Carl F Groupco worked with Roto to introduce product upgrades to the Roto Fully Reviersible Hinge, as well as consolidating packaging and undertaking marketing improvements. John says: “We’re committed to using our expertise to support our customers. These enhancements helped secure the Roto Fully Reversible Hinge’s place as the market leader for reversible systems in the UK and is available exclusively through us.”

The relationship also helps when it comes to the all-important subject of delivery reliability. John says: “Delivery reliability is vital for our customers so it’s vital for us too. We hold £5.5 million of stock at any one time, which helps us to process around 98% of all orders within one day. To add further value, Roto has been helping us with delivery reliability that has been outstanding for many years.”

Carl F Groupco’s relationship with Roto encapsulates its approach to business. It provides an extensive range of premium quality window and door hardware and has long-standing relationships with Europe’s most innovative manufacturers. It also offers a value-added consultancy service, testing and working with its manufacturer partners and customers’ fabrication teams to scope new hardware solutions and ensure smooth transitions to new ranges.

It’s why the company has a decades-long history of success and is a key hardware supplier for so many in the industry.