Capable hands at the helm of Window Ware

Better communication with customers and partners was vital to survival for fenestration businesses during 2021, while supply chain issues, record demand and COVID safety procedures caused no end of challenges for the whole industry.

But it wasn’t just a question of stepping up the conversations outside of the organisation. Internal communication was just as important in keeping a business on track and agile in rapidly changing times.

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One company that really focused on ramping up the dialogue between colleagues over the last 2 years was Window Ware.

And all that extra talking has really paid off. It’s enabled the leading hardware distributor to not only successfully navigate all the peaks and problems of the pandemic while still managing to keep their customers happy, but to also grow the business and ultimately hit the ground running in 2022.

There’s no doubt that Window Ware’s Operational Management Team (OMT) have played a fundamental role in strengthening the company’s communication strategy.

The team looks after the day-to-day running at Window Ware and oversees all aspects of the company’s key operations. That includes everything from coordinating all inbound / outbound logistics and making sure orders reach customers on time, to creating a superior customer experience with fast responses and slick service.   

Sam Nuckey, Window Ware’s Managing Director, explained: “We have always focused on maintaining open and frequent lines of communication with our customers, but over the last 18 months or so, we’ve worked just as hard at making communication more effective inside the business too. This has enabled us to react to changes in the marketplace quicker, overcome challenges faster and maintaining high service levels for our customer despite the supply-disrupting effects of the global pandemic.”

“A lot of that success is down to the brilliant efforts of our Operational Management Team who have really stepped up to the mark and worked tirelessly to keep everything working like clockwork as far as possible.”

Under the guidance and cooperation of the Operational Management Team, whom have been supported with professional development and mentoring, Window Ware has gone from strength to strength. Every department has been able to consistently meet or exceed its targets.

Warehouse operations are more efficient than ever and working at +30% capacity versus pre-covid times with consistently high pick accuracy rates.

Window Ware’s inventory is larger than ever, and stock levels on most product lines are looking good. OTIF has bounced back well from all the lockdowns, factory closures, supply shortages and shipping delays throughout 2020/21 to hit a dependable average of 94.72% last year. This year, the team is determined to reclaim its pre-covid level of +97%

The sales team was on fire last year, managing to pick up 97.76% of calls in 3 rings or less and achieve order input accuracy rates of +99%.

The accounts department broke records by smashing its cash collection targets no less than 8 months in a row, cutting old debt and bringing debtor days to their lowest level yet since June 2015!

Sam believes, “As the OMT work more closely together and understand each other’s roles, teams and processes better, we have gradually built more resilience into the team to help us maintain business continuity despite covid related absences or offsite working.

“Although we all hope COVID related disruptions will not be with us forever, there will always be new challenges around the corner which could impact business, and how well you react to and manage them is hugely dependent on your team. Our OMT have allowed us to respond quickly to customer needs and set us on a sure path to continued success in 2022.”

Window Ware has been successfully serving the window and door industry with leading brand hardware, tools, and consumables since 1987, helping to ensure fabricator production lines keep moving and trade counter shelves stay stocked. For more information, call 01234 242 724, email, or visit