The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) is pleased to announce that 2019 was the best year ever for GGF brand awareness with the latest stats showing over 300k unique users used the GGF website – and In addition the page views across both sides combined exceed 800k with over 300 new pieces of content added to the GGF websites.

The volume and quality of GGF content was also reflected in the offline (print) media with over 133 million opportunities to see the GGF brand in the trade, consumer, political and regional press as over 850 articles mentioned the GGF in the press.

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On the highest ever levels of brand awareness, James Lee Director of External Affairs commented, “I am delighted that the figures show another outstanding year for our marketing communications. This is largely down to our prolific content strategy and the introduction of the Members’ First newsletter which, combined with our smart search engine marketing has optimised our online content and driven relevant users to the respective GGF websites. Thanks to all our Members, the GGF Marketing Communications Committee and our external agencies who have all helped make this year truly exceptional for the GGF brand.”