Beat the bi-fold hardware price increases and go direct to AT Precision

An industry-wide supply chain disruption as a result of the pandemic has caused considerable cost increases to raw materials across the board, but despite this, a leading manufacturer of aluminium bi-fold door hardware has managed to avoid charging its customers a premium.

After a recent factory expansion at its Durham-based site, AT Precision has been able to significantly ramp up production while reserving enough space to hold at least three months’ worth of stock at any given time.

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Director Michael Hewitt comments: “Following a surge in demand for home improvement products and the subsequent supply chain issues, combined with a sharp rise in shipping costs during the pandemic, many manufacturers have had to place large price increases on their products on a monthly and sometimes even weekly basis.

“Thanks to careful planning at AT Precision, we recently opened a new 18,000 square foot factory on our premises, allowing us to increase both production and stockholding, ensuring our customers always get the products they need, when they need them. Because of this, we’ve managed to keep price increases on our products to just 6%, a lot less than most other businesses.

“This saving on bi-fold door hardware also means that our customers can off-set price increases from their other suppliers – if the cost of profile increases by £80, for example, and they can simultaneously reduce their hardware costs by the same amount by coming to us, then they haven’t lost out.”

But avoiding significant price increases isn’t the only way AT Precision is saving fabricators money. Because they manufacture all their products in-house, they’re able to offer them at a very affordable rate.

“Aluminium fabricators coming directly to us for their hardware needs instead of going to their systems company can essentially cut out the middle man and save themselves thousands of pounds a year – in fact, an aluminium fabricator making 10 bi-folds a week could save up to £100 per bi-fold by coming directly to us. That’s £1,000 a week, or £200K over four years,” says Michael.

AT Precision’s Everglide range includes bi-folding door rollers, high-quality top-guides, pull handles and hinges, all of which are made from cast aluminium and are compatible with major systems.

The company also promises next day delivery on all orders made before 1pm, free delivery on orders within the UK over £250, and a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on all their hardware.

“During a difficult economic period following the pandemic, fabricators are looking for ways to cut costs, and by coming directly to AT Precision, they can avoid price increases seen amongst many of our competitors, while also saving money by cutting out the middle man,” says Michael.

“Coming to AT Precision really is a win-win for aluminium fabricators, and we look forward to helping more customers in the future.”

For more information, contact AT Precision on 0191 581 6508, email, or visit