Avocet’s new products were the perfect FIT

The dust has settled. The stands broken down and mothballed. Sales staff are busy working through the leads and reaching out to customers. FIT Show 2022 has finished…and now the hard work starts!

Avocet Hardware Group brought their A game to this years show, with their mantra being…be innovative, be different. The Avocet stand was awash with products and gave a fabulous insight into the wide product portfolio Avocet can offer.

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For three days, the Avocet team were kept seriously busy, meeting old and new customers as well as having the opportunity to speak to a gaggle of new prospects. With such a well-established range of respected products on show, we wanted to understand what was the big draw for visitors to the Avocet stand.

Sales Director, Rob I’anson takes up the commentary, “we put a lot of thought into our stand for FIT and had a plan that we wanted to bring our known portfolio to the table as well as take a gamble on some never seen before products making their debut. We launched ARC and Fusion exclusively at the show and to be honest, we never expected the huge level of interest those two products alone generated.”

There certainly was a buzz around the Avocet stand and it would appear that ARC was the star attraction, but why?

“ARC is our first foray into the SMART hardware world,” continued Rob. “ARC is a stunning pull bar with integrated finger print technology, LED backlights, full app support and boasts a unique plug and play system. We had two ARC systems on our stand and they certainly put in a shift! We wanted to use FIT to see if there was an appetite for this product and it’s fair to say, there’s a full-on hunger for ARC.”

Avocet also introduced Fusion, a unique lever/bar combination that got tongues wagging thanks to its uniqueness and stand out style. Taking a standard bar and incorporating a lever means that standard lever locks can be operated using the bar, meaning Fusion is a perfect retro fit solution.

“We’ve got some development plans to enhance Fusion and make it an even more attractive proposition,” commented Rob “and thanks to the feedback from our visitors, we’ve come away from the show with some really exciting plans to take Fusion forward.”

Avocet are renowned for their suited hardware ranges as well as their award-winning ABS range of high security cylinders. All of this was on show alongside their new innovations and it was refreshing to see a business maintain its belief in its standard products all whilst investing in new tech and enhanced products.

“We have worked closely with our development partners especially on ARC and this has meant a meeting of minds and expertise has helped us get ARC to a commercially viable point,” commented Rob. “ARC was the talk of the show and this is clear when you consider that my sales team and I haven’t had a chance to catch a breath, following up on all the leads and registered interests.”

Avocet have clearly shown their intentions for the coming years which is to innovate, create and challenge the marketplace with products that are outside of their normal remit. If ARC and Fusion are anything to go by, the future for Avocet is very bright indeed.

For more information on ARC, please visit www.avocet-hardware.co.uk or call 01484 725000

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