Avocet deliver their pledge to “make things easy”

In 2022 under the watchful eye of Managing Director, Dr Sachin Saigal and during the most volatile of times thanks to the war and the current economic crisis, Avocet Hardware Group made a bold statement that they would be the easiest company to deal with.

A statement made with intent and one that would be impossible to hide away from should Avocet fail to deliver.

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“There has been so much uncertainty this year with the Ukraine invasion and then the economy surging from one crisis to another, we had to make sure that we were as easy to work with as possible to avoid any further stress to our customers,” commented Dr Sachin.

Through major investment and some very long hours and dedication, Avocet developed a series of processes that have truly delivered on such a bold mission statement.

“We have so many companies within the group that it was imperative our customers had easy access to the full range,” continued Dr Sachin, “it was evident that we needed to develop our own app which made stock querying and ordering a simple touch of a button process.”

QuickTrade was launched in the first quarter of 2022 to one of Avocet’s companies and has helped revolutionise the way their customers can now order.

“We’re very proud of QuickTrade and the adoption has been magnificent,” said Dr Sachin. “When we initially launched this to our agricultural business, Eliza Tinsley, it was a gamechanger with to date nearly a £1m worth of orders being placed via the app. Not only that, we’ve seen new customers join us due to having such an easy system to place orders with.”

“We will this year be introducing QuickTrade to our ABS and door and window divisions as we continue our making things easy journey across our business.”

Another development has been the VaultLink portal which allows all Avocet Customers an easy payment gateway and invoice interrogation portal.

“VaultLink has been built in-house by our IT department and allows every single customer of Avocet to view their invoice history, raise queries and of course pay! This open communication has meant that invoice queries has dropped by nearly 67% thanks to the transparent nature that VaultLink provides,” stated Dr Sachin.

“I’m determined to build on what we achieved in 2022 and continue in 2023 to embrace new ideas that will stand Avocet apart from our competition,” Dr Sachin confidently stated. “We’re already working on automating orders across our divisions as standard and will be enhancing QuickTrade and VaultLink to include new fantastic features.”

Avocet have certainly delivered on their “Makes things easy” motto and with many exciting plans already in the offing, 2023 is looking to be very positive for all Avocet customers.

Image shows Avocet Hardware Group MD Dr Sachin Saigal