AT Precision maintains 99.9% OTIF score despite difficult market conditions

At a time when the industry supply chain has suffered from immense disruption and fabricators across the country have struggled to access the crucial components they need, leading aluminium bi-fold hardware manufacturer AT Precision has bucked the trend by maintaining an impressive 99.9% OTIF score.

In addition, the Durham-based company has managed to maintain next day delivery on all orders made before 1pm, availability across all products, and minimal price increases.

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Sales Director Michael Hewitt comments: “We have multiple suppliers across the UK, China and Portugal, and thanks to careful planning, we’ve managed to juggle between our various partners, ensuring we always have the material we need to operate.

“At the start of the pandemic, we knew there was a strong possibility we’d run out of stock, and so we amended our investment strategy to ensure we always had at least three months’ worth of stock available in our warehouse.

“In addition, we expanded our manufacturing facility to 18,000 square feet, allowing us to increase production and hold the additional stock we needed.

“All this investment has enabled us to maintain a 99.9% OTIF score throughout the pandemic, continuing to deliver the same reliable service our customers are used to.

“Even in a climate where fabricators have been hit with price increases on an almost daily basis, we’ve only implemented a small 6% increase to cover our costs.”

Serving to over 100 fabricators across the country, AT Precision manufactures the Everglide range of bi-fold hardware, which includes rollers, top guides, pull handles, hinges, cleats and shootbolt handles, all of which are made from cast aluminium and are compatible with major systems.

They also supply door locks and plastic ancillaries, which include injection-moulded cill end caps and adapter caps.

In addition, the company also manufactures the Everseal range of gaskets, also compatible with major systems.

Michael continues: “We manufacture all our bi-fold hardware in-house and supply direct to fabricators, meaning our customers can access high quality products at a very affordable rate.

“In fact, a fabricator making 10 bi-folds per week could save themselves £1,200 a week, or £60,000 a year, by coming direct to AT Precision.

“If you’re an aluminium fabricator looking for a reliable supplier delivering fantastic service during extremely unpredictable market conditions, give AT Precision a call today – we’d love to hear from you.”

Call AT Precision on 0191 581 6508, email, or visit