AT Precision, a leading manufacturer of high-quality bi-folding door components and ancillary products, has announced a significant advancement for its innovative Recycled Thermal Reinforcement (RTR) bars. 

Following their introduction six months ago, the company has successfully upgraded the RTR bars to ensure compatibility with a much wider range of window and door systems.

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Manufactured from 100% recycled uPVC, AT Precision’s RTR bars offer exceptional strength and enhanced thermal performance for windows and doors. 

They are renowned for their quick and easy installation and boast a minimum lifespan of 35 years.

“The initial launch of the RTR bars was a resounding success,” says Sales Director Michael Hewitt. “We saw strong interest from fabricators due to the product’s environmental credentials, performance benefits, and ease of use. However, we recognised the need to expand compatibility to reach a wider customer base.”

The development of the RTR bars aligns perfectly with AT Precision’s commitment to sustainability. 

The company recently launched its own in-house uPVC recycling scheme, complete with a factory expansion and a £370,000 investment in a new extrusion machine.

“This investment not only allows us to manufacture high-quality sustainable products like the RTR bars, but also empowers us to offer them to a wider range of fabricators and installers,” Michael continues.

“This translates to a win-win scenario for both AT Precision and our customers, who can now benefit from a truly sustainable and high-performing solution.”

The improved RTR bars remain competitively priced and offer a compelling alternative to traditional reinforcement methods.

Based in Durham, AT Precision manufactures a wide range of high-quality bi-folding door components and ancillary products, including the Everglide range of rollers, guides, and hinges, and the Everseal™ range of gaskets.  The company also offers security hardware, PVC infill extrusions, and aluminium profiles specifically designed for bi-folding doors. By manufacturing all products in-house, the company is able to deliver exceptional quality at competitive prices. For more information on the RTR bars and AT Precision’s comprehensive product portfolio, visit

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