Apeer’s ‘New Generation’ Marketing Elevates Entrance Doors from Home Improvements

Following a total review of the company’s marketing strategy, composite door manufacturer Apeer has offered a taste of what may be expected with the launch of its new website and colour brochure.

What is clearly evident from the website and brochure is Apeer’s further development of the ‘lifestyle’ imagery and styling that characterised the company’s promotional videos that were deployed so successfully to homeowners during lockdown earlier this year. The new website and brochure again utilise high quality photography and graphics to portray the ‘perfect lifestyles’ of Apeer homeowners, increasing product imagery, features and benefits as the reader progresses through the website and brochure.

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Delivered to homeowners through a sophisticated social media campaign, which again proved to be so successful with the company’s videos in the weeks following the official lockdown of the UK and Ireland from March, the website, brochure and other assets will be distributed from early October. Potential buyers will be encouraged to design their own doors using Apeer’s ‘Doorbuilder’ facility, which has also been improved on the new website. Sales leads generated are immediately distributed to local installers in the Apeer Dealer network.

The strategy continues the company’s quest to encourage homeowners to consider its entrance doors as home furnishings as much as home improvements, with a new composite door priced similarly to a good three piece suite and other furnishings: “We want to appeal to homeowners to consider choosing a new front door in a similar way to how they would choose furniture, with the process of designing and even installing the door, just as stimulating,” explained Apeer’s Marketing Manager Linda Tomb. “In taking this approach we hope to move people on from only considering buying an entrance door when they carry out other major home improvements, to something they might do when they simply want do a home makeover, offering a huge range of colours and styling elements on our doors that will complement the rest of their décor scheme.”

Other assets will be added to the new campaign, adding to the series of 7 videos that have been running through channels including Facebook and YouTube, since the spring.