Apeer/Lumi/Isolate Plans Phased Return to Work

Following careful review of the ongoing Covid-19 situation New World Developments Ltd, which includes Apeer Doors, Lumi Windows and Isolate Fire Doors, has announced its decision to reopen on Monday 4th May with a small skeleton staff.

This is the first step in a comprehensive strategy devised to create a phased return that ensures the protection, safety and well-being of all of the company’s staff and customers, says the firm. This includes the provision of full PPE equipment and hand sanitizer cleaning stations, regular temperature checks, deep cleaning of all work areas and strict social distancing regulations, which will be carefully monitored and enforced by the company’s management.

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Orders in hand will be managed first with production increased steadily during the next few weeks, whilst all processes are monitored to ensure that new working practices maintain the effective safety and wellbeing of the company’s staff, says the company. However, new orders for each of its brands will be taken as usual and delivery will be advised by the company’s staff, subject to ongoing restrictions that may remain in place

“We have spent the past few weeks developing plans in preparation for when the Government and its advisors advise on a safe return to work,” said Managing Director Asa McGillian. “As there are early indications that this may be happening in the coming weeks, we have begun to re-start our business. However, we will only continue in line with the Government’s advice and if we are confident that our staff and customers’ welfare is secure.

“None of us knows what the near or long-term future holds but we believe that we are now in a position to respond appropriately and positively to the advice received and across the next few weeks and months, to our customers’ needs,” added Asa.

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