Despite undertaking yet another extension to its Ballymena factory to cope with the continuing sales growth for its highly innovative and popular doors and windows, Apeer continues to add new products to its ranges, the latest of which will be shown at this year’s FIT Show.

There’s plenty to see: Apeer is showing its new Silka smooth-skin residential doors; a brand new glazed fire door, fully tested to FD30S with spyhole and letterbox; and a new Lumi rooflight that fully complements the edge-to-edge glazed, ‘frameless’ aesthetic of the Lumi windows and doors. A selection of the latest Apeer 70 composite doors, the Lumi Coloro door and a new Lumi2 slider complete the new product gallery.

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With Apeer’s reputation for innovative products that quite literally offer installers ‘the edge’, the promise of new products will always be a draw: But the company’s Lumi2, despite being available for 18 months now, will provide visitors to the stand with a great deal to consider. Produced with the same edge-to-edge frameless glazing aesthetic of the original Lumi triple glazed window, Lumi2 offers installers the opportunity to compete as a option ideal for extensions and replacements, although one with stunning features unavailable with any other window system.

Offered as a suite of windows with matching sliding doors and the new rooflight, Lumi2 is unique in its offer as well as its styling. The sales process is also supported by the company’s new Lumi software package for pricing and ordering.

Apeer will utilise a number of custom display pods on its FIT Show stand that the company supplies to its retailers’ showrooms. These are designed to show visitors the support that Apeer can offer its customers but after the show, those on the stand will be shipped, display-ready and including product, straight to the showrooms of a handful of lucky customers: ‘Come and tell us why you should have one in your showroom’ is the challenge laid down by Apeer! Over a drink of course.