A new direction in colour design

The new RENOLIT EXOFOL colours and décors are in step with the Colour Road trend service

Trends are no coincidence, be they in architecture or fashion, shapes or colours. Rather, they are the reflection of social themes and socio-cultural trends. The RENOLIT trend service Colour Road gets to the bottom of these subjects, analyses them in cooperation with international trend institutes and colour experts and derives future colour trends in surface design from them.

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In an annual trend report, the RENOLIT Corporate Design Management team summarises its findings and categorises the trend colours into individual colour worlds. The Trend Report 2022/23 “Travelling into new dimensions” features the colour worlds of “Deep Ocean Level” and “Cosmos Level”. We will be using these findings to select colours for RENOLIT EXOFOL products in the future.

When assigning colours to different areas of application, the Colour Road team takes into account the specific surrounding areas. “On windows and façades, colours tend to have a more intensive effect than in interiors because they are in direct light and the surrounding building”, explains expert Clarissa Blüm. It is also important to keep in mind the longer “service life” of the building envelope because the life of a façade or window design tends to be measured in decades.

New Decor RENOLIT EXOFOL PX Yakisugi

RENOLIT EXOFOL PX Yakisugi opens a new dimension in window design. The exotic and natural appearance is inspired by an old Japanese technique for preserving wood by charring the surfaces – the name Yakisugi stands for “burn” and “Japanese Cedar”. The heat treatment by open fire prolongs the life of the wood and gives it a very distinctive look.

The black of the new décor, interspersed with silvery shades, reflects this charred wood surface and provides a deliberate contrast to light woods, colours and designs. In addition, the surface – like its natural counterpart – is characterised by high dimensional stability, colour fastness and durability.

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