FENSA, the largest government-authorised Building Regulation compliance scheme for the installation of replacement windows and doors in England and Wales, has released statistics on the performance of its first-ever TV campaign which began broadcasting in March this year.

According to analysis of the TV campaign so far more than one third of all Britons in the catchment area for the adverts, almost 19 million people, have seen the advert, with each person seeing the ad an average of three times.

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And by the end of the campaign, which continues until December 2019, the ads – which advise homeowners on the importance of using FENSA Approved Installers and obtaining a FENSA certificate for their replacement windows and doors – will have been seen more than 190 million times.

The concurrent online advertising campaign has also received an excellent response, receiving 6 million impressions, the number of times an advertisement is viewed once by a visitor or displayed once on a web page. In the meantime social media posts have enjoyed 2.5 million impressions, with video posts having been viewed more than 200,000 times.

Further analysis has confirmed that the TV commercials have been highly successful in driving homeowners to find out more about FENSA and its advantages: from January this year there have been more than 675,000 ’Find a FENSA Approved Installer’ searches through the website, together with 412,000 searches about FENSA certificates.

Chris Beedel, FENSA Director of Membership, says the campaign is fulfilling its objectives: “We’re seeing record numbers of homeowner enquiries on the FENSA website which is exactly what we had hoped for. Additionally, the demand to work with FENSA Approved Installers from consumers is increasing by the day. The huge number of installer searches we’re seeing on the website confirms homeowners understand the value of a FENSA certificate and the competency of FENSA Approved Installers.”

Anda Gregory, Managing Director of GGF Commercial Group, within which FENSA operates, says: “With consumer awareness at an all-time high of what being a FENSA Approved Installer means, we’re confident these figures will increase across the rest of the year. The value of being a FENSA Approved Installer to any company is now clearer than ever, with our brand reputation and website driving business towards the FENSA community. It’s fantastic too that our FENSA Approved Installers are seeing the tangible impact of the campaign. We know there could be a lot more certainty in the current trading environment, yet one thing every FENSA Approved Installer can be sure of is that we will continue to support their business and promote their services to homeowners around the UK.”


More than 13.5 million certificates have been issued since FENSA was launched in 2002, which is greater than half the number of houses in England and Wales. FENSA Approved Installers install over 2.2 million windows and 350,000 doors per year.