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Friday, October 11, 2013 10:44:00 AM

Synseal has become one of the first system suppliers to achieve the new BFRC A+ and Certass A* Ratings for its entire range of window profiles.


The award means fabricators can gain a licence to use the coveted labels on any window made and glazed to a specified design without the need for further testing.

Greg Tabberer, Synseal’s R&D Engineer in charge of WER simulations said: “Homeowners are putting more and more priority on energy efficiency and the use of these labels will give any installer a massive edge over competitors with lower ratings.

“Just a few years ago we saw the boost that the standard A Rating gave to any products displaying the label. Now we are seeing it happen all over again with A+ and A* and Synseal fabricators and installers will be able to make the most of this valuable sales tool.”

Greg also confirmed that the A+ and A* ratings will be achievable with double glazed units as well as triple on all four Synseal systems, SynerJy, Shield, Legend and the VS, though triple glazed is expected to be the far more popular option.

BFRC Operations Director Chris Mayne added: “BFRC is delighted at the take up for the new A+ rating for windows.

“Since the announcement that BFRC was accepting applications for the new A+ band we received simulation reports from far more companies than we expected. This has resulted in the launch of the first batch of A+ window products and we look forward to seeing how they perform in the market.”

Both new ratings indicate the A Rating plus ten points. The Certass label also includes extra graphic indicators for light transmittance and heat retention.

Crafted by DMSQD