Thursday, October 3, 2013 9:59:00 AM

Synseal has been awarded BBA approval for the use Plastic Thermal Reinforcements in its foiled profile, enabling fabricators to achieve even higher U-Values. The move follows extensive testing by the manufacturer to prove the integrity of its PTR/foil frames without the need for steel reinforcements, making 0.8 U possible with triple glazing and 1.2 U with double.


Synseal Head of Marketing Mark Schlotel said, “This is a great step forward for our fabricators and installers who can now offer a foiled window that meets the thermal requirements of Passivhaus and Zero Carbon Housing standards followed by architects building eco-homes all around the UK and Europe.”

Continuing, he adds, “The demand for greater energy efficiency is continuing to grow, among householders, house builders and local authorities alike, and we are continuing to keep our customers at the forefront of meeting that demand.”

“As well as the obvious thermal benefits, our PTRs are made of 100% recycled PVC-u and they make the entire frame recyclable, adding further to their green credentials, and they are also significantly lighter than steel, not to mention cheaper.”

Synseal has always had one of the most comprehensive ranges of colour and woodgrain foils The latest development comes soon after the company further boosted its support for foil users by streamlining its range to maintain the highest level of customer service, supporting the move with a new product guide and wall chart.

Crafted by DMSQD