Quantal acquisition reinforces Ultraframe’s position

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 9:44:00 AM

Shortly after the print issue of Clearview (May) had gone to press, breaking news announced the acquisition of Quantal by Ultraframe.

Ultraframe acquired Quantal, the Devon-based aluminium roof manufacturer in a bid intended to strengthen and secure its position in the competitive, conservative roof market.

Critically, says Ultraframe, the deal not only reinforces Ultraframe’s pole position, but also ensures that both its own customers and those of Quantal will reap the benefits from economies of scale achieved by Ultraframe’s market position.

 Commenting on the acquisition, Iain Thomson, MD at Ultraframe said: “Quantal is a strong player in the specialist roof end of the market and has real strength in its customer base with many loyal customers. Quantal customers will now be able to access the market-leading R&D capability of Ultraframe and we will be able to expand our portfolio of systems through new channels.”

Ultraframe has long been a leading player in the conservatory roof market, thanks largely to its commitment to innovation and technology. Adding Quantal to the busine


Iain added: “These are exciting times and as a business we continue to lead the industry to deliver highly-innovative, quality systems to our customers – adding Quantal into the mix only strengthens our position.

“We fully appreciate that the Quantal brand stands for quality products and superior customer service in this market so we intend to position the Quantal brand alongside Ultraframe and not lose any of that brand pedigree. With that in mind, we will continue to drive the Quantal brand forward under the direction of Joe Martoccia, sales and marketing director at Ultraframe.”

Iain added: “For both Quantal and Ultraframe customers it is ‘business as usual’. We are committed to ensuring that all customers, regardless of their loyalty to each business, are given the opportunity to exploit fully the strengths of both companies.”


Crafted by DMSQD