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Monday, August 24, 2015 2:26:00 PM

Cramlington, 1st August 2015 – With the addition of new trends in terms of colours, and surface finishes, RENOLIT has expanded its stock range of RENOLIT EXOFOL products. The new introductions include the popular anthracite grey in combination with "smooth 2" a light surface finish with improved scratch resistance, and four shades of the recently launched Elegant Ash to complete the 2015 stock portfolio. This highly detailed, elaborate woodgrain structure is available in three different shades of grey, known as Balmoral, Buckingham Grey and Kensington Grey and a light beige, Windsor; with a matt finish giving it the feel of freshly painted wood.

New additions in sample swatches

These new releases have been included in the 2015 range swatch which have, since last year, combined all three product quality grades of RENOLIT EXOFOL films. The total number of designs available remains constant at 92, because RENOLIT has taken some of the less frequently used colours out. In addition to the complete range swatch the new Elegant Ash colours Balmoral, Windsor, Buckingham Grey and Kensington Grey are further illustrated in a separate mini-swatch, and a printed z-card which acts as colour & design quick reference guide is available with optional showroom free standing or counter top display holders. A4 samples of all colours and designs in the range are also available on request either by phone or email or via the online sampling service

To receive any of these swatches and z-cards contact RENOLIT Cramlington Ltd by email at or by phone on 01670 71822.

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