Thursday, March 22, 2012 12:36:00 PM


Global Glass, Synseal’s own insulated glass unit manufacturing business which has been developed following last year’s strategic acquisition of the assets of Midland Glass Supplies Notts Ltd, are reducing prices on a wide range of roof glass by an average of 20% with effect from Monday 5th March 2012.


The new competitive prices will vary according to specification, with for example the most popular Low-E Blue Argon-Filled Self-Cleaning double glazed units being reduced by 24%.

Global Glass offers high quality toughened roof glass in a range of specifications including:

  • Clear glass
  • Low-E Clear glass
  • Low-E Bronze glass
  • Low-E Neutral Argon-Filled Self-Cleaning glass
  • Low-E Blue Argon-Filled Self-Cleaning glass
  • Low-E Aqua Argon-Filled Self-Cleaning glass
  • Low-E Bronze Argon-Filled Self-Cleaning glass (NEW!)

“Global Glass has now been fully integrated into our mainline PVC-U system supply business, bringing the benefits of an expanded customer base, shared logistics and economies of scale,” says Synseal Chief Executive David Leng, “and these factors, coupled with ongoing investments in glass plant equipment, mean that as originally planned we are able to pass on improved IGU prices to both our fabricators and glass-only purchasing customers”.

Synseal’s market-leading Global conservatory roof system is well-positioned to satisfy the growing popularity of glass for roofing, rather than polycarbonate. New long-span rafters now allow for wider spans of up to 6250mm in glass without the need for additional portal support, whilst design features such as easy-fit glass stops ensure practical installation coupled with a high performance and reliability in use.

Integrated operations now allow Synseal to engineer both PVC-U profile and IGU in parallel to ensure that the most cost-effective solutions can be delivered to the market.

Synseal roof kit customers will see the benefit of the new reduced glass prices on all quotes generated from 5th March.

Synseal bar length customers interested in purchasing more competitive window or roof glass should call 01623 557618 or email for assistance.


Crafted by DMSQD