Guardian launches ClimaGuard® Blue self-cleaning solar control glass for conservatory roof applications

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Friday, April 29, 2016 3:01:00 PM

Guardian Industries’ Glass Group in Europe, a leading manufacturer of high performance architectural glass and a key supplier to the building industry, has introduced an all-in-one solution for conservatory and orangery roof applications. Guardian ClimaGuard® Blue is a self-cleaning glass that combines solar control, thermal insulation and glare reduction in a single dual coated pane of glass, with a blue appearance.

New Guardian ClimaGuard Blue glass uses advanced coating technology to provide superior thermal control. This contributes to the prevention of overheating of interior spaces during hot spells, whilst helping to keep them warm during cooler periods. Visual comfort too is improved as the glass filters sunlight and reduces glare. Thanks to its colour, the sky will look blue, even on a grey day, making this an ideal product for roof applications.

ClimaGuard Blue glass has self-cleaning properties, which reduce the need for regular cleaning. Its advanced hydrophilic and photocatalytic coating is activated by ultraviolet rays from the sun. The activated coating reduces the dirt’s ability to stick to the glass, whilst exposure to ultraviolet light, in combination with the coating, accelerates its decomposition. Dirt is easier washed away leaving the roof cleaner for longer.

Introducing ClimaGuard Blue, Steven Scrivens, European Market Segment Manager – Residential, said: “Guardian ClimaGuard Blue was introduced by Guardian Industries’ Glass Group in Europe specifically for conservatory and orangery roof applications. It joins the ClimaGuard range of coated thermally insulating glass products.”

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