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Monday, May 28, 2012 11:12:00 AM

Freefoam Building Products has launched a ground-breaking new website - - designed to answer homeowners’ questions about all aspects of roofline, rainwater and guttering as well as generating leads for Freefoam’s Registered Installers.



The site is packed with sound advice and tackles everything Joe Public would need to know to get their roofline and rainwater system replaced by a reputable installer using good quality products. What’s more, just eight weeks after launching has already generated good quality leads, and profitable sales for Freefoam Registered Installers and  orders for Freefoam stockists.

“There are two basic goals here,” explains Colin St John, Freefoam’s General Manager. “First, we want to inform the public. It’s about making people aware of all the issues, plus-points and pitfalls to do with roofline so they can make an informed choice about what they buy and who they get to fit it. We believe that if homeowners understand and feel confident about a product they are more likely to purchase it. Secondly we want to generate leads for our own Registered Installers. These are installers we can recommend with complete confidence knowing that they will do a great job at a good price using reliable products. It’s not rocket science –  it’s just common sense really. And the good news is: it’s really getting results! ”

To find out more about  or Freefoam’s Registered Installer scheme contact Louise Sanderson, UK Marketing Coordinator at or 01604 591110.

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