ExtrudaSeal launches new high performance foam gasket

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015 3:03:00 PM

Market leading manufacturer of weather seals for the window industry, ExtrudaSeal, has developed a new high-quality foam gasket for timber, aluminium and PVC-u applications that delivers enhanced weathertightness and soundproofing performances.

The new self-skinned polyurethane gasket is softer, and allows for more compression than the regular ones, ensuring superior sealing for increased overall performances of the windows and doors. Due to greater flexibility, ExtrudaSeal’s foam seal doesn’t rip and will easily return to its initial shape after compression, delivering a consistently smooth operation of the window time after time.

The company is currently working with a number of clients on bespoke foam gaskets for timber and aluminium windows, and can supply the high quality seal in any type of shape in record time. “We are able to send a gasket sample in the bespoke design required by the client within 4 weeks,” said Chris Byers, ExtrudaSeal managing director.

“Our foam seal is made from a special compound, offering ideal compression resistance and excellent thermal and acoustic performances. Aside from satisfying very high demands in terms of sealing, our polyurethane gasket is also more competitively priced than similar products available on the market,” added Chris.

The foam is currently supplied in black, and additional colours will be introduced in the following months. “This has already proven a very popular product, due to its ability to deliver better insulation values than regular gaskets can provide, and we’re working on launching new colours that will complement a larger variety of applications,” added Chris.

This development follows shortly after the Birmingham based manufacturer has signed an exclusive partnership with the Spanish company Tecseal, becoming the sole supplier of the revolutionary Tri-Fin® in the UK. Aside from providing excellent weather tightness and soundproofing, the new wool pile is extremely sturdy, and won’t break, bind or stretch during fabrication or while in use.

“Our focus is to provide the best sealing solutions for UK manufacturers, helping them to improve the performances of their windows and doors, while reducing the production time and minimising waste. We have a large product portfolio designed to satisfy any sealing requirements and we’re constantly developing and adding new, innovative solutions to our range,” concluded Chris.

For more information on foam gaskets, or other sealing solutions for windows and doors, call ExtrudaSeal on 0121 3569733.

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