Aurora Roof Window brings natural light to huge church conversion in Liverpool

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 11:14:00 AM

A growing number of churches and chapels in the UK are bought every year and converted into dwellings, whether it is for the quirky housing alternative they offer, the beautiful period features, or simply because they hold the potential to achieve more living space.

As with any change-of-use project, there are certain challenges that need to be overcome, in order for the final product to be of good quality and high commercial value. And one of the most common issues with such conversions is a low level of natural light.

Although churches and chapels turned into single homes can offer great amounts of daylight thanks to the large stained-glass windows, bigger buildings are usually turned into several apartments, and are commonly split between two levels. This means not all flats will benefit from the same quota of natural lighting, as project manager for AJ Properties, Gary Rushton, explains: “We’re currently working on a large church conversion on High Park Street in Liverpool, looking to deliver 26 new apartments by March 2016. Our architect wanted to incorporate as much natural light as possible, and suggested we use roof windows to achieve the desired Lux levels.”

The contractor needed a high quality product that was also competitively priced, and found LB Roof Windows after a quick internet search. Aurora is the supplier’s own range of roof windows, manufactured by the VKR group, who also produce the well-known Velux brand. Offering similar features and benefits to the popular Velux products, Aurora is also a more economical choice, helping builders and contractors add value to their projects, while protecting their profit margins.

“We’ve done our research and looked at many options before choosing to go with Aurora from LB Roof Windows,” said Gary.

To assess the quality of the Aurora Roof Window, the company had initially only ordered one product, but the architect was so impressed with it, that they went on to get the other 25 needed for the church conversion immediately.

Gary commented: “I was also extremely impressed to see how proactive and helpful the team at LB Roof Windows is. When I ordered the first Aurora Roof Window to show it to the architect for consideration, they called straight away to remind me that I will also need the multipurpose slate and tile flashing pack in order to ensure the correct installation.

“Once we made our decision, LB Roof Windows’ sales director, Adrian Cooper, came to visit the site and offer his recommendations and technical advice, which we found very reassuring and helpful. Both the product and the customer service we have received were excellent, and I have subsequently used the same supplier, for other sites I am currently project-managing,” added Gary.

LB Roof Windows’ Adrian Cooper said: “This is a stunning project and we were happy to assist the contractor and provide them with our attractive Aurora Roof Window, for which we are exclusive suppliers.

“As land for housebuilding is becoming an increasingly rare commodity, while demand for homes is relentlessly going up, more and more opportunities of this kind will become available. LB Roof Windows has one of the most comprehensive ranges of products to help builders, contractors and architects achieve the desired levels of natural light and ventilation with an elegant solution, whether it be roof windows, skylights, roof domes, flat roof windows, or roof lanterns,” concluded Adrian.

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