A letter from John Ogilvie

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Monday, May 28, 2012 1:13:00 PM

Firstly, congratulations to DGCOS for compensating a customer after a member’s installation was not registered for an IBG, as in the organisation’s recent press release.

We must however contest the claim that this is the first time such has happened in this industry. Our records show at least one such occurrence here at Network VEKA and colleagues recall there may have been other instances going back further than our ten-year guarantee period.


Of course, it is very rare for such a situation to arise in the first place with Network VEKA because our systems have a built-in double check against failure to register. This double check is also available directly to the homeowner, as every potential customer is clearly told in our literature.

If any guarantee organisation does not have such a system, we would urge them to consider it.

In our recorded case, around two years ago, the customer specifically did not register because of a dispute with the installer, although the company was at the time a Network VEKA member. For this reason, the homeowner would not welcome our publishing personal details so I can only ask readers to take it on trust that the full cost of the remedial was covered at our expense.


Crafted by DMSQD