‘Cut Don’t Kill’ campaign aims to fight FiT cuts

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Friday, November 4, 2011 12:52:00 PM


The ‘Cut Don’t Kill’ campaign, launched last month at Solar Power UK 2011, has warned that the proposed 52% cut to the UK feed-in tariff could “kill the UK solar industry stone dead” – jeopardising the future of 4,000 companies and 25,000 jobs.

 Howard Johns, of the ‘Cut Don’t Kill’ campaign said, “Such deep cuts to the tariff would kill the UK solar industry stone dead. We are happy to accept some cuts, but the Government must recognise that wiping out 4,000 companies and 25,000 jobs by cutting too deeply would be an appalling waste of economic potential. Our message to the Government is cut us, but don’t kill us.”


Pat Gwynnette Clearview Editor

Patricia Gwynnette Clearview Editor

Campaigners are planning a day of action in Westminster when the industry will rally to persuade MPs and Ministers to reduce the planned cuts to the feed-in tariff.

 Jeremy Leggett, Chairman of Solarcentury said, "In just 18 months, this Government has conspired to destroy one of the very few growth industries in the economy.  The "Cut Don't Kill" campaign will be fighting the proposed cuts throughout the winter, including the first ever solar PV national lobby day of Parliament on 23rd November.  Anyone who works in or who cares about the fate of this sector needs to be there. We will not go down without a fight."

Details of the campaign and petition can be found at www.oursolarfuture.org.uk

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