‘Aluprof Develops the Slimmest of Aluminium Windows’

Tuesday, July 7, 2015 3:28:00 PM

Steel windows have long been admired by specifiers for their slim lines and unobtrusive looks. Aluminium systems companies have tried to replicate the ‘steel look’ with varying degrees of success - until now.

With a fixed light and opening light aluminium face width of just 32.5mm Aluprof’s new ‘MB Slimline’ window offers both good looks and high thermal performance - something steel window systems cannot offer. U values of below 1.00 are achievable, as the new system will accept both double and triple glazing options coupled with aluminium profiles which use wide polyamide thermal break. With a wide range of profiles available, the ‘MB Slimline’ system can offer high inertia ratings and slim, deep profiles, offering the specifier the ability to use the system in any large, or small, window spaces.

Ideally suited to both new and replacement projects, in both residential and commercial environments, where slim lines are crucial to the aesthetic appearance of the building, the ‘MB Slimline’ system offers a complete solution.

‘MB Slimline’ is further proof of Aluprof’s innovative approach to fenestration solutions, establishing itself as one of Europe's leading systems companies. The new system joins a wide portfolio of aluminium systems which includes curtain wall systems, doors windows and high performance aluminium fire rated systems.

With the UK head office and distribution base in Altrincham, Cheshire, Aluprof systems are specified on a growing number of residential and commercial projects across the UK. Systems are designed, fabricated and installed by selected, specially trained companies, to ensure each fabricated product meets Aluprof’s exacting standards.

Further information is available on the company’s website at www.aluprof.eu and specialist advice on the ‘MB Slimline’ system is available now from Aluprof on 0161 941 4005.

Crafted by DMSQD